Les Boîtes des Sentiments


2012 -

The feelingboxes

When we still trusted each other I wrote poems for you,
about love, about laughter, about what I felt.

When we still trusted each other I made photos of you,
your shoulder, your breast, your birthmarks and hair.

But since there is no more reliance,
words rubbled up in my throat.

Now feelings escape from my eyes,
and that’s how I yell out my pain out to world.

About the artist

Gregor Beltzig was born in Cologne in 1979 and now lives in Paris. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in La Haye. After he received both the Canon Fotoförderpreis in 2008 and the ComPrix-Award in 2009, he took part in the 2009 European Meeting of New Photographs in Niort, led by Arno Rafael Minkkinen. Having experiences a break up, his work now revolves around the feelings of loss, emotional wounds and the return to life.

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Gregor Belzig introduces his artwork, “The feelingboxes”.