AUCLERC Anne-Sophie

Why try to cross a lake during a thunderstorm ?



Why try to cross a lake during a thunderstorm ?” Is this “desire to fall”, the very one Milan Kundera discusses when he talks about vertigo? This series is about the tension that drives us to flirt with death in order to feel incarnate. In order to perceive the traces of this energy on the body, Anne-Sophie AUCLERC went to photograph people who had bungee jumped from a hundred and eighty metres. Their expressions testify to a certain in- toxication, abandonment and ecstasy linked to the dangerous approach of a contact zone that fascinates and bewitches us.


About the artist

Anne-Sophie AUCLER is a French artist born in 1992. She’s graduated in graphic arts and photography, she produces documentary and artistic work that questions our relationship to images, time and memory. Starting with specific cases, she breaks away from them to propose metaphori- cal or conceptual stagings.