Bad City Dreams


2018Bad City Dreams

Indian urbanisation looks like a manufacture of dreams. In Gurgaon, the “Millenium City” in the suburbs surrounding Delhi, real estate advertisement shows idealised representations of future buildings. Arthur Crestani met the inhabitants of this growing city and realised a work inspired by the traditional Indian itinerant studio. Surrounded by construction sites and new housing projects, the real setting to his photographs are, ironically, the advertising visuals. Passersby, workers, and rootless villagers are invited to pose in front of those romanticise representations of modern homes.

About the artist

Arthur Crestani was born in Paris in 1991. After a curriculum in urban policies, he studied photography at the École Louis-Lumière in Saint-Denis, France, from which he graduated in 2017. He travelled to Delhi multiple times and developed his interest for transitioning suburban spaces, as shown in his photographs.