2017Carte Blanche

To Kostis Argyriadis, there is a past city inside every man. Some keep it to themselves, others tame it and will wear it like a second skin. Walking through the city, human beings end up becoming one with it. The observant awaits, watches, is on the lookout for his prey to bring out of it how beautiful, how ugly, how peaceful, how dynamic, how wholeheartedly materialistic and how vain it can be. Those sequences that have surrealist atmospheres add up to produce a self-portait.

With the support of the Greek Cultural Center


About the artist

Kostis Argyriadis was born in 1981 in Thessaloniki, Greece. His work was published in 2011 under the care of Hercules Papaioannou as part of a group project showing Thessaloniki’s urban landscape. His approach of photography lies in our everyday basic environment that structures the way we live.