AMAT Guillaume 28/05/2016

Chrysalides: portraits with light



The project of the photographer for the photo studio is to pursue its entitled work “Chrysalises”. Convinced that we are always permanently being reborn, transforming us, reinventing us, Guillaume Amat uses a long break time, then, during the shooting, intervenes with lights “to paint” a portrait. So, he confers a plastic dimension on his images, marked with onirism. The portaits are for one or two persons

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About the artist

Born in 1980 in Angers, Guillaume Amat lives and works in Paris. In his projects, he does not stop questioning photographic representation itself, by using various devices, formats and sensitized surfaces. He uses all the specificities which offer supports and techniques, looking every time for the good media adapted to the chosen photographic point of view. With his images, he tries to build photographic narratives which navigate between poetry and report. He integrates the Millennium Images Ltd agency in 2007 and photographers’house Signatures-photos in 2008.