ADER Jean-Jacques

Zones Naturelles


A man wakes up in 2043 and no longer recognizes its suburbs: nature has resumed his duties on urbanization, finished shopping centers and industrial areas! Now there are only fields and flowers.

My work questions the place of humans in their environment.
I try to show the opposite view of the dramatization of consumption through the irony of fiction.

About the artist

Born in Toulouse the 30th October 1962

Photographer born in Toulouse. After high school, he joined the professional audiovisual Technical School, he made news photo service trainings and then became an assistant in the studio pub & mode. Then a freelance photographer magazine. In parallel, he studied and practiced music and video.

Independent since 2001, he worked for the regional and national press, institutions and communication. It develops personal projects in the cultural field, professional learning and trades and reserves time to exhibit regularly.


Galerie du Chateau d’eau Toulouse, collectives :

  • « jazz/31 » (96)
  • « autoportraits » (97)
  • Cinémathèque de Toulouse : « Bobines de films » (2001)
  • Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées : « Beau travail » (2004)
  • Centre culturel Apollo, Mazamet : « Océan » (2006)
  • agnès b. , Toulouse : « Musique de chambres » (2009)
  • Airbus Blagnac : « Gens du métier » (2010)


Jean-Jacques Ader at the opening press Circulation (s) 2011


Jean-Jacques Ader at the opening press Circulation (s) 2011