The Two Tailed Dog


Michał Adamski photographs contemporary Hungary with a focus on the relations between the government and society, reality and propagandist vision. The Hungarian government manipulates and exploits its inhabitants’ emotions by portraying an illusionary world full of the nation’s enemies. With this series, which takes its name from a satirical party that fights against absurdity with more absurdity, the photographer questions patriotism, this blend of national pride, feeling of injustice and nostalgia for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Allegedly aiming for social good, public authorities focus instead on gaining and maintaining power. The photographer cautions: this is Hungary’s story, but it could also become ours. This is namely what has been happening in Poland for some years, too.



About the artist

Born in 1976 in Poland, Michał Adamski is a documentary photographer with a degree from the Creative Photography Institute of Opava, in Czech Republic. He co-founded the PIX.HOUSE gallery in Poznań and is a member of the Archive of Public Protests. He has published two books: I Can’t Get Through the Chaos and Two-Tailed Dog.