ABELLÁN Juan Manuel




An unexpected light in the middle of the night surprises silhouettes and forms start moving. At this point, this romantic place chases away intruders, and the shadow takes it place. Juan Manuel Abellán sculpted it with light, he wanted to create an ode to nature in the intimacy of the night, looking for the magic and the spirituality of the place. He found back a feeling of eternity and strange beauty, he felt as if he were watched and part of Nature, this infinite entity.

About the artist

Juan Manuel Abellán was born in 1981, in Murcia, Spain. He lives and works in Paris. He holds a Master’s degree in Communication, and then specialised in photography in Barcelona. He furthered his studies by entering the Photography and Contemporary Art Master’s program in Paris 8 University. His work has notably been exposed in Centre Georges Pompidou.