COSELLO Marilisa

Exercizi Obbligatori



The Esercizi obbligatori series comprises three parts.

It addresses the construction and the representation of the middle class, with images of a society the superstructures of which are taken apart in order to observe its ritual violence.

The first part recreates the compulsory exercises of fascism, empty action sequences that represent the thought and collective action as a unique entity.

The second part displays the acceptance of imposed limits, binding actions and submission.

The third part highlights the notion of group identity through family photos and the visual archetypes of family life.

About the artist

Born in 1978, Marilisa Cosello studied Visual Arts, History of Cinema and photography. She worked as a news photographer but eventually turned toward a conceptual artistic approach. Her works is composed of visual investigations and archetypes of society, and analyses of human relationships, where the body becomes an objective subject.