Anne gadenne


2013 -

Delphine Gatinois starts her work about Anne Garenne during a residence in the Annappes area. “Anne Gadenne” has existed but we don’t know much about her. Probably accused of witchcraft, she was expelled from Annappes, a former village which is now integrated to the city of Villeneuve-d’Ascq. Starting from a real basis, she makes fiction and reality meet and develops writing and photography in parallel. In this series, she is interested in a historical and hysterical period of repression of magical practices. By confronting the text and the picture, she questions their resonance as much as their possibilities. Her work is filled with the notion of route, leading from the real to the imaginary.

About the artist

Delphine Gatinois was born in 1985 in Reims, France. She gets her national superior diploma of plastic expression from the école supérieure d’art of Metz Métropole in 2010, where she starts reflection about the links between writing and the photographic picture.