Kurpaty Prestige


2014 -

“Kurparti prestige” is a health center built in 1980 by the Black sea, in the name of the Russian-Czechoslovakian friendship. The building under construction is then suspected by the Americans of being, right during the Cold war, a launchpad for missiles. In the heart of Crimea, a few steps away from Yalta, one of the masterpieces of Soviet architecture comes to life: the Kurpati sanatorium. The building is a full of Soviet know-how in terms of welfare, healthcare and leisure. Everything is gathered here for a healthy and convivial stay. Today in spite of the vicissitudes of history, it remains unchanged. Standing still in time, it still welcomes holidaymakers who belong to trade unions.

About the artist

Colin Delfosse was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1981. He is a journalism graduate ans he chose documentary photography to convey his topics. Julie David de Lossy was born in Brussels in 1984. As a political sciences graduate she immersed herself in documentary photography to better target the political, social and environmental questions. Complementary thanks to their trainings, one is a photojournalist member of the “Out of Focus” group, the other is thriving in the academic and political world, Colin and Julie start their project of Soviet legacy in central Asia. Since then they keep on collaborating on a regular basis in the post-Soviet region.

Colin Delfosse is supported by SFR Jeunes Talents