Variation of white



Variation of White deals with the subjective nature of gare. This series shows portraits of albinos, a minority of people who suffer from myths and discrimination. At firs glance, the observant develops his own opinion about this topic and does not realize right away that the portraits actually are negative images of the original photographs. Our subjectivity is revealed when an image that we first perceived as reality turns out to be something completely different. To make the original images appear, stare at the red dot for 30 seconds, then look at the white canvas and blink.


About the artist

Miia Autio was born 1986 in Reisjärvi, Finland. She gratuated in photography from the University of Applied Sciences in Lahti (Finland), and in Bielefeld (Germany). Her work was recently shown at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki, at the Athens Photo Festival (Greece) and at the FORMAT-festival (United-Kinkdom). She had her first solo-exhibition at the Hippolyte Gallery in Helsinki (Finland) in 2016.