Guest gallery : Temnikova & Kasela


Temnikova & Kasela gallery was established in 2010 by Olga Temnikova, a graphic designer and artist, and Indrek Kasela, a creative entrepreneur, philanthropist, cinema owner and film producer. The Gallery project emerged out of necessity to provide professional representation for established and emerging artists from the region and to intensify their international visibility.

Temnikova & Kasela gallery’s program is international and based on a dialogue between local and global. The program is driven by the attempt to reflect on the current post capitalist condition, putting it in perspective with Estonia’s political past and present, as well is to reactualise the role of gallery’s so called “peripheral” location against the accepted art centres. At the same time the gallery is trying to critically analyse existing institutional patterns of production of local artistic discourse and discuss new options for career development.

In 2012 Kasela and Temnikova established the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center, which is since then supporting Estonian Galleries, artists, curators and writers internationally.