Royaume Uni

2016 - Invité

“#selfie” examines how the sharing of images and use of the internet have changed the concept of copyright by the influence of digital photography, smart phones and the invention of selfies. Using made to measure software, Tom Stayte accesses RSS broadcast feeds via Instagram and images hashtagged “#selfie” seconds after their publication. The images are printed and intended to accumulate on the floor. Their contents, which at a first glance appear harmless, reveal the dark side of the process: our unconscious participation in a self-monitoring system. A way used to showcase yourself, selfies take on their true dimension when shared via social media. Stayte invites the viewer to find the answer to their own condition.

About the artist

Tom Stayte was born in 1988. He lives and works in London, England. Tom is interested in the place of the individual in post-digital culture; a look at a world in transition. Through appropriated photography, installations and books, he gives physical form to the interactions we have with the now ubiquitous digital entities.

*With the support of British Council
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