SPRICIGO Jean-François



2014 -

To obliterate oneself to revive at last
all these stories under which I have existed
all these stories in which I have lived other lives, felt other hands
solitary union, solitude beguiled
a silence peopled with absence
how many women, children
men no less, often old,
have I loved, loved so much
everything halts, begins, flies sparking
enough to illume night,
enough to think it dawn when evening lies asleep
memory has no scent
barely an image
which tears blur, inevitably
I have loved these dogs, these cats, cows, donkeys so much
I met them so often
always they were waiting
always they appeased me
and Miss Multiple
so ardent at our entrance, so bitter at her end
again her back recedes and I who watch her
arms empty of her
see her disappear of a sudden
and leave the trouble of expiring to the wind
so much love
so much love that I have fallen
from such a height
and further still
eyes strain to follow this heart that beats, battles, beats me at times
but always bears with me,
and so I love
and live.

About the artist

Jean-François Spricigo was born in 1979 in Tournai, Belgium. He hunts for the horizon as much as he can, loves nature and animals unconditionally and he finally starts to accept serenely the changeability of the species to which he belongs.