Schmitz Ulrike

Allemagne / Sélection du jury / 2014

" Museum Of Your Memory "

In 1946 several thousand German specialists were forcibly relocated, along with their families, to the Stalinist Soviet Union, where they had to work in the aviation industry. This resettlement was part of German reparations following the Second World War. The specialists lived near Moscow, in the village of Podberezye, for years before they were allowed to return. Some of them never returned. Ulrike Schmitz set off in search of the memories of her grandparents, who lived there for eight years. What she found was her own reality – independent of the past and distorted by media, but, maybe, possessing its own truth. “Museum of your Memory” combines her photographs of today’s Podberezye with film stills from Russian (propaganda) movies from the Stalinist era.