MEYER Marcel

My Favourite Childhood Nightmares


2014 - Artiste invité(e) - projets spéciaux

“My Favourite Childhood Nightmares” not only deals with fears and dreams, the unconscious or the childhood, it is also an attempt to combine two traditional types of media and create something completely new.

The image formation of the animated photographs and their infinite movement pull the viewer into the picture. Different stories come to live in the viewer’s mind, depending on one’s personal experiences and perception.

“My animated photographs seem to got stuck on their way forward, they are looking for release in some sort of infinite loop – and that’s where they unfold their very own melancholy, their magic.”

About the artist

Marcel Meyer studied media arts at the FH Mainz University of Applied Science and specialized in photography at the University of Plymouth UK.
His work has been featured in various print and online publications and has also been exhibited in festivals and exhibits around europe.
In the summer 2012 he became co-founder of the creative studio “finally.” based in Germany.
He was recently nominated as an “Eyes and Ears of Europe” Junior Highlight.
Marcel Meyer works and lives in Mainz Germany.