2012 -

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.
The garden taught me the inescapability of cycles.
Such is the rhythm of our lives. The non-permanence of youth and beauty.
I am reaching the autumn of my life and I am watching you, my daughters, becoming women. Like these flower scents of late afternoon that are already bringing with them the nostalgia of absence.
This series is part of an ongoing project created using a wet collodion technique on 4 x 5 plates

About the artist

Isa Marcelli was born in 1958. She lives and works in France. She moved to the country in 1996, which led her to photography. Since 2010, she experiments some alternatives processes as the pinhole camera or the wet collodion-process.
The photographs, randomly and accidentally subjected to the processes used, added up, constitute all together a long, sensual, disturbing poem. This dreamlike and terrestrial poem is about her daughters.