The Meteorite Hunter

Royaume Uni


Sometimes the perception of something extraordinary or unusual goes beyond our control and becomes an obsession. “The Meteorite Hunter” series focuses on finding the extraordinary in everyday life. Using the meteorite as a metaphor for the fantastic hidden in the humdrum, the series is a quest to find the ethereal and the sublime in the mundane. Alexandra Lethbridge aims to question our assumptions about the world around us and the bonds linking our environment to our imagination.


About the artist

Alexandra Lethbridge was born in Hong Kong in 1987. Graduating from the University of Brighton with an MA in Photography in 2014, she also studied at the Winchester School of Art as well as the International Center of Photography (New York). She was shortlisted for the Aperture Foundation Paris Photo First Photobook Award 2014 for her book ‘The Meteorite Hunter’ and also received the Professional Choice Danny Wilson Memorial Award the same year.

*With the support of British Council
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