Every year over 500 parades take place in The Netherlands. It is impossible to deny their societal importance in this small country. The construction and decoration of any one float takes several months, in contrast with the few hours it takes to wend its way through Dutch streets. In the eyes of the artist, even if the floats are of great beauty, the importance remains the patience invested in their decoration. Parading in the almost puritanical regularity of Dutch cities, the surreal “Parade” creations seem to be a silent protest against conformity.

Discover his new exhibition at the Gare de l’Est.

About the artist

Tom JANSSEN is born in 1988 in Grashoek, Netherlands. He lives and works in Utrecht. He graduated in 2010 with a BA of Design in Photography at HKU, Utrecht. He also studied Photography at DIT, Dublin. His works have been presented at the Dutch Photo Museum, Museum of Photography The Hague, FOTODOK and Van Kranendonk Gallery Art Rotterdam.

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