Lingering ghosts

Royaume Uni

2017 - Jury

What does it mean to be an asylum seeker in the United Kingdom?  Once in the UK, these people find themselves in a state of limbo. They have to await an answer application for refugee status, thus becoming “Lingering Ghosts”. These physically scratched portraits attempt to convey the cruel loss of self, and frustration that befalls them.  Despite being represented without their eyes, these people do have an identity and we recognise them as fathers, mothers, sons and daughters – human beings, after all. Ivin’s work offers a contemplative take, away from the glaring lights of the media.

About the artist

Sam Ivin was born in 1992 in High Wycombe. He studied Documentary Photography at the University of Wales (Newport), graduating in 2014. His work focuses on social issues and the people connected with them. By documenting their stories and perspectives, he hopes to provide a more personal and tangilbe understanding of them.