Rogoredo” is a wander around the photographer’s apartment in Milan, of which the windows overlook the “Milano Rogoredo” transportation terminus. This is a place where no one stays very long. For the artist, Rogoredo reflects the Milan of today, a moment rich in expectations but rendered fragile by the crisis Italy is presently going through. “Rogoredo” describes romantic crossroads in a space where traces of present and previous inhabitants intersect. Using pieces of cardboard, an ephemeral and fragile material, Teresa Giannico reconstitutes the inside of her apartment and photographs this sensitive reconstruction.


About the artist

Teresa GIANNICO is born in 1985 in Bari, Italy. She  is currently based in Milan. After studying painting at the Academy of fine arts of Bari, she made a master in photography and visual design at Fondazione Forma in Milan. Her works have been published in Fotografia magazine, Pizza magazine, Witty Kiwi and Nothing to see here.


With the support of Italian Cultural Centre.
institut culturel italien