Fisheye Gallery


2018 -

Fisheye Gallery is dedicated to young photographers. Its first mission is to support a new generation of photographers who have little access to the market. Every year, three collective theme exhibitions highlight the work of five young talented photographers. Each artist presents five photographs numbered in five copies. Every year is also punctuated by solo shows, like those of Philippe Grollier, Theo Gosselin and Stéphane Lavoué. We also frequently organise meetings focusing on our artists, photo books and the stakes of contemporary photography.

THIBAULT LÉVÈQUE, Swim at Your own Risk

Practical information:

THIBAULT LÉVÈQUE, Swim at Your own Risk


from March 09 to April 26, 2018
2 rue de l’hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris 75010
From Tuesday to Saturday, 14:30 – 19:30
+33(0)1 40 37 24 19

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