Italie / Artiste invité(e) - projets spéciaux / 2014

" My Star Wars Family "

My Star Wars Family is the story of a family dealing with autism as it takes them on a journey of constant struggle and discovery — through endless shades of love and pain, urge and patience, intimacy and also loneliness. Matt and Shaila are the parents of Sofa, Zain, Raef and Ibrahim. Zain is 8 years old and was diagnosed autistic at the age of 2. Raef is 7, and on the spectrum as well. Both of them, as well as Ibrahim, who is 4 years old, sufer from a complex allergy condition to wheat and dairy and must follow a strict diet. This project explores the narratives unfolding through the diferent family members and attempts to visualise an emotive sense of what autism can mean in such a tight group.

(All ages are referred to the time of shooting, across 2011 and 2012)