By participating, you are helping us finance the Festival Circulation(s) a “must” encounter of young European photography presented au CENTQUATRE from March, 17st to May, 6th 2018. Organised by Fetart, an association comprising of a team of 35 volunteers, the Festival Circulation(s) offers a fresh perspective on Europe through photography. This unique event aims to highlight the talents of young European photographers and to create a network of people sharing the same ambition as Fetart: to help young photographers integrate the professional world and to allow the public to discover innovative contemporary artistic creation. Since its creation in 2011, the festival has exhibited the works of more than 300 artists and welcomed nearly 300,000 visitors. A platform for young photographers, forward-looking and innovative laboratory of contemporary creativity, the festival has a special place in both the French and European photographic landscape. It is the only festival dedicated to photography in Paris. The festival’s programme revolves around a major exhibition presenting the work of 22 young European photographers who, following a call for candidates, were selected by a jury of image professionals and the white card of the godmother of this edition, Susan Bright, curator, teacher and author of English origin, specializing in photography, and the Director of the CENTQUATRE José Manuel Gonçalves. A total of 46 photographers will present their works in the form of exhibitions, screenings, installations … Workshops, discussion meetings, portfolio reviews, the European Week of Photography Schools, the Little Circulations Exhibition/children games will also take place alongside the festival. Building on the success of the 2015 edition, the festival will be open to the public for three months in the CENTQUATRE’s exhibition spaces. Other news: The photo studio: every weekend, you can come and be photographed alone, or with family or friends by a professional photographer and in studio conditions!



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