Van der sloot Marlous

Pays-Bas / Sélection du jury / 2014

" Le Corps Vécu "

In the modern society we often want to forget that ‘the fysical’ is also a source of information. Because of rationalisation, we turned away from our ‘ordinary’ world, convinced that our senses do not learn us anything valuable. Only the objective is worth to hold on. But we cannot ignore our body and look at it as a “lifeless bag of cells”. We don’t just have a body, we ARE a body. Forgetting this gives us a feeling of a ‘sleeping arm’. In this condition your limb is biological still yours, but you do not experience it as yours. It seems the arm of a stranger…

‘The alienation of our body’ is the theme of my work. To make images very sensitive, tactile and fysical, I hope to give the viewer, all is it for a moment, back it sense of fysicallity….
(Christophe Laloi)