Danemark / Sélection du jury / 2014

" Assembly "

The “Assembly” series connects to the title in several ways, the series represents reconfigured and recollected works from different thematically similar series that we have done in the past two years and that are a part of an on going quest to radically reinterpret our immediate surroundings. Also the content of the images themselves relate to the word “Assembly”. A common trait of our visual language is the meeting of contrasting elements, a clash between objects realms where seemingly non-related items construct new realities, new meaning and complex narratives. The highly constructed scenarios and still lives allude to a metaphysical relationship to the objects we surround ourselves with in everyday life. Bringing forward the previously unseen in order to raise questions about perception, value and recognizability. The juxtaposition of images from different series is intended to create a visual dialogue where subtle differences aim to construct a complete visual universe.