Nomad's Land


2016 - Jury

Strolling on Tunisian beaches during the summer, Yoann Cimier is fascinated by the ephemeral constructions created by Tunisians visiting the seaside. To him, it is not a trivial phenomenon : each constituent element of these short-lived camps is a revelation. Observing how the local population takes possession of the seaside for a day reflects the dynamics and diversity of Tunisian society.

What concerns is the multiplicity and diversity of shapes made with an endless variety of recycled materials. An extraordinary plasticity that transforms a simple undisciplined recreational shelter object out with time, space and the established order. An in-between privileging the relationship with nature, last area of freedom in the margins of social conventions.

About the artist

Yoann Cimier is born in 1974 in Angers (France). After joining the Film and Photographic Establishment of the Army and worked in the field of publishing, Yoann Cimier settled in Tunisia in 2007. He officiates there as an independent